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Pain from a car accident can occur immediately following the accident, or may not manifest for a few hours, or even days, after the accident.

If you have been involved in even the most minor car accident, the day after the accident your entire body could feel like one giant ache. Generally, if you received no serious injuries, this pain will subside within a few days. If your auto accident was more serious, however, you could suffer a much higher level of pain, for weeks, months or even years. The most common injuries associated with auto collisions are neck and back injuries, broken bones, lacerations and head injuries.

Whiplash Injuries—The Most Common Type of Car Accident Injury

Of course, the pain symptoms you experience following your car accident will be specific to your injuries. A whiplash, neck or back injury can occur in an accident with speeds as low as 14 mph. Whiplash associated disorders cause the neck to hyperextend, exceeding its normal range of motion. This violent thrust forward, then the “snap” backward can result in injury to the ligament, vertebrae, discs, muscle strain or neurovascular injury, all of which can cause moderate to severe pain.

It is unfortunate that whiplash injuries are often met with skepticism, simply because they cannot be seen. Consider the following statistics related to whiplash car accident injuries:

Diagnosing Car Accident Injury Pain

Diagnosing car accident injury pain is done largely by taking a detailed patient history. X-rays may be beneficial in diagnosing certain car accident injuries, as well as CAT scans, nerve conduction studies and ultrasounds.

Treating Car Accident Injury Pain

There are a variety of treatments your Seattle Pain interventional pain management specialist may use for the pain you are experiencing. At Seattle Pain we will thoroughly evaluate your injury and will use traditional or non-traditional therapies—or a combination—to help minimize your pain and allow you to get back to your life. For pain related to a whiplash injury or a back or neck injury the following treatments could be helpful:

Has a car accident left you suffering from painful injuries?

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