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Testicular Pain

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Testicular pain can range from minor discomfort to severe, aching pain.

When pain is felt around one or both testicles, it could originate in the testicles, or in the groin or abdomen. Because the testicles are particularly sensitive, even the most minor blow or injury could lead to discomfort, or pain in the testicles. Occasionally, what feels like testicular pain could actually be a kidney stone or a hernia. Other causes of testicular pain include:

Sudden, severe testicular pain could be caused by a twisted testicle, known as testicular torsion. This is a serious condition which requires immediate medical intervention, and is most common among adolescents. Testicular pain is felt in the testicles and/or scrotum.

Symptoms of Testicular Pain

Your doctor will rely heavily on your own report of your symptoms, when they began, whether you suffered an injury, etc. A physical exam will be performed, as well as the following tests:

Diagnosis of Testicular Pain

Your detailed description of your low back pain symptoms and medical history is necessary for an accurate diagnosis. Your activity level, sleep habits, posture, age, gender, and whether you have suffered any recent injuries are all important. A range of motion test, leg raise test, reflex test and diagnostic imaging tests are all tools used to diagnose the cause of your low back pain. Your doctor may order x-rays, MRI scans, or nerve conduction studies as well.

Treatment of Testicular Pain

If OTC pain relievers have not controlled your testicular pain, the interventional pain management specialists at Seattle Pain will develop a customized, comprehensive pain treatment program for you, which may include the following traditional and non-traditional treatments:

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