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Shoulder pain can be a debilitating condition that is often difficult to treat.

The part of the shoulder which helps you accomplish circular motions of the shoulder can also be a source of pain and tenderness, usually caused from overuse or injury. Your job could cause you to have shoulder pain—painters are among those who commonly experience shoulder pain due to the repetitive motions they make with their shoulders day after day. Sports, particularly those which use the shoulder extensively, such as baseball or tennis, can also be a cause of shoulder pain, as can a specific injury from lifting or reaching.

The shoulder joint socket is shallow in order to allow a wider range of motion, and the shoulder’s rotator cuff is made up of four muscles surrounding the arm bone which keep the shoulder steady when the arm is in motion. If the rotator cuff is injured, you will usually feel pain on the outside of the shoulder or the front of the shoulder, which is worse when you raise your arm above your head. The tendon which lies under the bone on the outside of the shoulder, is also a typical cause of injury, as it can become pinched between the two bones.

Other Causes of Shoulder Pain

Aside from obvious injuries, due to work or sports, additional causes of shoulder pain include:

Diagnosing Shoulder Pain

Aside from your reporting of your symptoms of shoulder pain and your medical history, your physician may employ the following to diagnose the source of your shoulder pain: x-rays of the shoulder area, an MRI to reveal nerve-related elements, as well as problems with ligaments and tendons, a CT scan, or an EMG, and nerve conduction velocity test.

Treating Shoulder Pain

If the shoulder pain you are experiencing is mild, the Seattle Pain interventional pain management specialists may start the process with ice and anti-inflammatory drugs. If your shoulder pain is more severe, or you have been dealing with it for a long time, then the experienced Seattle Pain interventionists may work with you to try the following and relieve your pain:

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