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A cervical steroid injection can help relieve chronic neck and head pain.

Cervical steroid injections are typically used for chronic pain in the neck and head, although cervical spinal stenosis and chronic headaches may also benefit from cervical steroid injections. Cervical radiculitis can result when nerves in the neck are compressed, causing pain which radiates down the arm. When the cervical spinal nerves are irritated, pain is the result, sometimes with numbness and tingling.

Pain in the neck can also be the result of a bulging cervical disc or cervical spondylitis which is caused by facet joint arthritis. Any of these conditions may be successfully treated with cervical steroid injections. Many of those who have suffered this type of chronic pain in the neck or head may find they finally have some relief in their pain, even in sciatica or radicular pain which is a by-product of cervical pain.

Do Most People Receive Relief from Their Pain from a Cervical Steroid Injection?

Cervical steroid injections are considered simple and relatively painless. The benefits of a cervical steroid injection can last anywhere from a week to a year, and for some people who have experienced chronic pain, substantial benefits can be garnered from the use of cervical steroid injections.

Skilled healthcare providers use fluoroscopic guidance and radiographic confirmation, using contrast dye. An improvement in mental health is often a pleasant side effect of pain relief, as those who are in constant pain find it difficult to maintain a positive attitude, therefore their quality of life decreases. If you receive relief from your pain following your cervical steroid injection, you can likely receive another injection at a future date for additional—or continual—relief.

The Procedure and Potential Risks

When you go in for a cervical steroid injection, a steroid and an anesthetic (lidocaine and bupivacaine) will be injected into the epidural space of the cervical spinal canal where the irritated nerves are located. The steroid addresses the inflammation and irritation, while the anesthetic interrupts the pain spasm cycle, spreading to the most painful levels of the spine. You will need to rest for at least 24 hours following the injection. A cervical steroid injection is generally considered low-risk, however complications could include excess bleeding, infection and nerve damage. The interventional pain management specialists at Seattle Pain will develop a comprehensive physical therapy plan for you following your cervical steroid injection, to help get you back to your day-to-day life.

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