Treating Pain Virtually

At Seattle Pain Relief, our utmost concern is the health and well-being of our patients. COVID-19 has strained the healthcare system and made it dangerous for people with preexisting conditions and compromised immune systems. We understand this and now offer telemedicine services for quality care online.

If you are a new patient, please schedule a regular in-person appointment. Our team must meet with new patients in person for proper diagnoses and care.

Telemedicine Options for Pain Treatment

Telemedicine services are now available for existing patients who have been seen and diagnosed by our team. Along with being an established patient, you must be a Washington State resident to schedule an online appointment.

Are you an existing, established patient? Are you a Washington State resident? Welcome to the telemedicine services at Seattle Pain Relief.

Our services include:

Thankfully, current technologies make it easier than ever to let patients manage their chronic pain remotely through video teleconferencing and patient portals.

Does my insurance cover telemedicine?

Medicare and most other insurances cover office and other visits for patients. Virtual communication can include audio or video evaluations, short virtual check-ins, or visits via patient portals.

Call Seattle Pain Relief today to ask about our telemedicine options.

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