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Ankle Injections


Ankle pain is sometimes relieved via an ankle injection which contains an anti-inflammatory agent as well as a pain reliever.

Patients who suffer from ankle pain may have suffered tissue damage and inflammation caused by trauma, or they could suffer from bursitis or osteoarthritis. Some patients with ankle damage have developed popping or cracking sounds when they move their ankle, while others may have significant levels of pain and swelling. For any of those conditions, an ankle injection might be helpful.

What is an Ankle Injection?

For stubborn or severe pain in the ankle region, an anti-inflammatory agent and a pain reliever (steroid and anesthetic) could be injected in the soft tissue which surrounds the ankle as well as the joint of the ankle.

In addition to being used to treat chronic ankle pain, in some cases an ankle injection could be used as a diagnostic tool to determine whether a patient might get some relief from a nerve block—a more invasive treatment. Nerve blocks use stronger medications which disrupt pain signals, or they may destroy the nerve tissue to stop the pain. If a patient gets a significant level of relieve from their ankle pain after having an ankle injection, then a nerve block might offer long-term pain relief.

What Conditions Might Require an Ankle Injection?

There are a number of conditions which can cause persistent ankle pain, such as:

Potential Risks of Ankle Injections

Although ankle injections are considered a non-invasive and effective treatment approach, there are potential complications. Pain relief and improved mobility are common outcomes of this procedure.

How Seattle Pain Might Address Your Pain with an Ankle Injection

If OTC medications, rest and ice have not given you any relief from your ankle pain, the interventional pain management specialists will evaluate your particular situation, to determine whether an ankle injection will help relieve your pain. When possible, we at Seattle Pain want to help you avoid a surgical procedure. Whether you are suffering from Tarsal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or you have suffered an ankle injury, an ankle injection might be right for you.

Following your ankle injection, it is usually recommended that you stay off your affected foot for several days to protect your ankle. If you typically stand or walk frequently at work, you may need to take some time off from work, or be reassigned to light duty. Cold compresses used throughout the day can help, as well as ibuprofen for the pain and swelling associated with an ankle injection. Generally speaking, most patients receive rather dramatic pain relief within one to two days following the ankle injection.

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