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Hip and Leg Pain


Hip and leg pain often feels like a sharp, searing pain.

The hip and knee joints are the largest joints in your body. Not only do these joints bear the full weight of your body, they must also allow you to experience a wide range of motion. Pain in the hips or legs could be a result of injury, genetics, or wear and tear. For many, chronic pain in a hip or knee joint can lead them to have the joint replaced with a mechanical joint. While this solution might be right for some, all other potential solutions should be explored before agreeing to a surgical solution.

Potential Causes of Hip and Leg Pain

There is an abundance of potential causes for hip and leg pain. For some, it is simply the wear and tear of age, for others a sports-related injury or a motor vehicle accident. A fall in an elderly person can cause some of the most crucial hip injuries. Some additional causes of hip and leg pain include:

Diagnosing the Cause of Hip and Leg Pain

It is rarely straightforward to diagnose a patient with hip and leg pain, because of the wide variety of causes for the pain. A comprehensive patient history and physical exam will help your healthcare provider determine the cause of your hip and/or leg pain. The location of the pain, how long the pain has been present, what you were doing when you first felt the pain, what, if anything, alleviates the pain, and whether you have a history of autoimmune diseases or arthritis are all questions which will help diagnose the cause of your hip and leg pain. X-rays, a CT scan or an MRI scan may be helpful to obtain a definitive diagnosis.

Treatment of Hip and Leg Pain

While there are a number of surgical interventions for hip and leg pain, at Seattle Pain, we want to help you avoid surgery whenever possible. Your exact treatment will depend on the cause, location and severity of your pain, however the Seattle Pain management specialists may try one or more of the following traditional and non-traditional pain relief therapies:

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